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Join the Facebook Fan Page

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I started a group on facebook for AllFinancialMatters. You can check it out (and JOIN) here: Fan Page I just set it up tonight so it’s still a work in progress. I’m hoping to get 6 million fans by the end of March. Too aggressive?

A Follow-up From AFM Reader, Toni

Friday, February 26th, 2010

It’s always nice to get emails like this: Hello JLP, I wrote to you well over a year ago (almost two years ago!) asking for advise. I wanted to know if I should pay off the house or sock away for retirement, as I was starting late in life. Dave Ramsey rocked my world and […]

The Foreclosure Monster Isn’t Going Away

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The foreclosure monster isn’t going away. We are two years into our rescue plans and people are still facing foreclosure. How many? Foreclosures may reach as many as 7 million mortgages, and an additional 5 million are at risk of default because borrowers owe more than the property is worth, Laurie Goodman, senior managing director […]

I Made a Few Minor Changes to AFM

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I made a few changes to the look of AFM. For one, I added a lovely picture of my wife and me, taken on my brother’s birthday last November. Every year my forehead gets bigger and bigger…lol. Second, I changed up the books section on the right sidebar. I’ll be using this section to alert […]

How About a Lottery for Savers?

Friday, February 26th, 2010

NOTE: Thanks to reader, JT, for pointing this article out. Very cool topic. First off, I found this quote from this article hard to believe: The average American household snaps up about $500 annually in lottery tickets, whose appeal is especially strong among those with lower incomes. Some estimates suggest that more than 80 percent […]

Are Boomers Ready for Retirement? Can Pigs Fly?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Check out this quote I just read in a Christian Science Monitor article about boomers and retirement: “Nearly a quarter of those who turn 50 this year say they haven’t even started saving, according to a poll in January.” I would be curious to know what percentage of that percentage have… • a new (non […]

Ten More Tips for Job Seekers From Harvey Mackay…

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I get a weekly email from Harvey Mackay. In light of yesterday’s post with job interview advice from Mackay, I thought I’d share today’s email with you, which is also on the topic of job seeking: Use your head to open doors In the State of the Union address, President Obama declared our national economic […]

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