My Friend’s Business Success Story

I’m sharing this story with you for two reasons:

1. This guy is my friend, and…

2. It’s a good story.

I went to school with Chad. In fact, I think we go all the way back to Kindergarten. Anyway, we had lost touch after high school until we became facebook friends while I was helping to put together our 20th high school reunion. We emailed back and forth and I found out that he had started his own business and had even written a book. I asked him if he would be interested in sharing his story with AFM readers. Here’s what he has to say:

Chad’s Story

Ten years ago I was a policeman in a larger city in the Midwest. I enjoyed the comraderie of the team I rode with and loved the idea that maybe someone would simply have a better day because I had helped them with their life for that short time.

I had always had a burning desire to start a business of my own and be my own boss. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a police officer but the money just wasn’t there. I knew that if I wanted the life that I desired in retirement it was going to take more than a policeman’s salary.

Well, I had learned to strip and wax floors, clean carpets, etc., as a teen working as a custodian for our local school district. I had always enjoyed being able to take something worn or dirty (or both) and make it look like new again. I was the type of person who had to see the fruits of my labor. As a police officer that was sometimes hard.

So my wife and I took the plunge, started a commercial cleaning company and after about $800 and a few months of advertising we had our first customer. We started the business on the side while we were still policemen but it grew to where we were making more cleaning than as police officers. The rest, as they say, is history. Our company now does well and is growing, even in a recession.

The point I’m trying to make here is if you want something bad enough and want to make a change then stop making excuses and just do something TODAY to move you towards your goal. Just do one thing a day and after a month or so you may be surprised at what you have accomplished.

The first task when starting a business is GET YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER; not buying a bunch of office supplies and a desk. That is not going to make you money. Your first and only focus should be on getting money coming in the door. Look at what your competition is doing. Use their marketing as a model.

An e-zine I subscribe to has a mantra of “Ready, Fire, Aim”. This is absolutely the truth when it comes to starting a business. Get something going and then fine tune it after you get it rolling. Just get going!!

Granted, it may not happen overnight. Also, realize you’re going to make mistakes along the way. The trick is to correct yourself and keep moving forward.

Now is the time to launch. The economy is slowly showing signs of improvement and I believe we are on an upturn. It’s a new year. Use this new year to give yourself a new life. Just remember it takes a little time. Knock down the tasks one by one and you will be on your way before you know it.

A business consultant told me years ago I should write a book. My story was somewhat unique and the being a former police officer certainly is a “niche.” So I did. You can buy it here* and learn how I did it. It’s real, down to earth, and is EXACTLY how I built my business from NOTHING! It is basically a step by step blueprint on how I built a six figure business from scratch! I’m not an MBA from Harvard. I’m just a hard working guy trying to make a buck because that’s what it takes for ANY business. You just have to move one way or the other….

To your good future and good fortune!

Chad Burns
C & S Cleaning Inc.

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