More Friday Humor – “Sagging” Explained…

June 25, 2010

My cousin sent this to me in an email and I had to share it (I don’t know where the pictures originated):

4 responses to More Friday Humor – “Sagging” Explained…

  1. …well, I can see why you had to immediately blame your cousin for this odd posting.

  2. I didn’t blame my cousin. I said she sent it to me. You don’t find it funny? Are you a sagger?

  3. Great explanation. I always wondered how that worked. Seriously, I’ve read that the fashion mimics jail clothing where belts are prohibited, so the pants sag. Gangsta style comes in part from there, then spread more widely. But I think there may be anti-gravity involved as well. I can’t figure out how those pants stay up sometimes.

  4. Just returned from a CA and Utah vacation. While driving thru Nevada, specifically the Vegas area, we witnessed sagging 1st hand. I joked w/my boys that he had to reach for his wallet behind his knees!