Microsoft Takes Away Refreshable Stock Quotes for Excel…

I was updating one of my investment Excel Spreadsheets. I needed to add a refreshable stock quote, so I went to the research pane, typed in my symbol and it tells me that it’s not available. Upon further research, it turns out that the add-in has expired and Microsoft is no longer going to support the add-in.

What the hell?!?

This feature, which you can read about here, was one of the most useful features of Excel. I found a thread on one of Microsoft forums about the missing add-in. Someone from Microsoft curtly responded:

“The link has been removed as the addin has expired, There will be no more uploads for this addin on”

I hope Microsoft reconsiders this because it was one of the most helpful tools of their program.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Takes Away Refreshable Stock Quotes for Excel…”

  1. You can hire a college programmer to crank out a replacement Excel add-in for you. It wouldn’t take that long and I would imagine it’d be fairly cheap.

  2. You probably already know this, but you can embed quotes into google docs. You can put quotes and a lot of other financial info right into their spreadsheets, and they do refresh. It seems to work quite well.

  3. I use the MSN Money Stock quotes add-in. Works for me (6/28, 9 am). No problems with retrieving quotes.

  4. SmartTags are still working for me. I’m not sure what you are using but in Office 2007 you just type the symbol (all caps) in a field and an information icon pops up with options to embed the refreshable stock quote. Of note is that my quote has a copyright of 2010 in it.

  5. I did get hit with the same – here is a work around and it works until Microsoft removes stock update from money.

    If you read this link

    Step 6 says ….which you must have done in past

    Just copy all the stuff from an old symbol insert and go to toolbar to edit the query – replace the old symbol with the new one. Import and viola – you have the new symbol working.

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