I’m Pretty Sure Forex People Are the Most Frequent Spammers

Rant on…

As a blogger, I have to weed through all kinds of spam. However, I have to say the most frequent spam I come across is that for forex trading. A close second (I haven’t done an actual poll) would have to be for debt reduction websites. Oh and we must not forget all the male enhancement spam too.

Come on spammers, get a life. Your spam may sit in my comments for a few hours but I can promise you: IT WILL BE DELETED. You’re wasting your time and MY time, which is more important than yours.

Rant off…

3 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure Forex People Are the Most Frequent Spammers”

  1. I detest Forex, it’s just another scam like the pryamid scams, and the multi-level marketing garbage that people get sucked into. I grew up with a father that was always chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with these become wealthy quickly schemes.

  2. The first time I saw their infomercials on TV years ago, I came to the instant conclusion that you can make a lot more money selling their software than actually using their software. If their software really was a can’t miss thing, they wouldn’t bother trying to sell it but they would be busy using it trying to bank money.

    The devious software engineer in me says that if they were really smart, they would use their software to feed their clients false data so that they could make money on their own bets. If you had a big enough user base, you could make a bet that the currency would go up or down, and then feed to your customers the data to buy or sell to make yourself money.

    Of course, that would be illegal… I think MLM schemes where you are at the top of the food chain is a good way to make money. Not necessarily honest–but legal.

  3. What all the “forex” spammers cater to is the idea of a ‘quick get rich’ scam that everyone wishes would work for them, but in reality, does anything but empty your wallet. If you really want to be successfull in the ‘foreign exchange’ realm, you MUST do your homework! Personally, I have attendenend 3 seminars, done my homework, and perfected my own trading system. Even with the losses, I personally cleared over $600K this last year, only investing in the ‘forex’ market! Most people that are upset and think that ‘forex’ is a four letter word, are usually the ones who lost their hard earned money to one of these scams. You will only truely be successful when it comes to investing, when you treat investing(forex, options, etc) like a ‘job’ and not like going to the lottery!

    Now, if we can just get rid of the lout in the Oval office, who wants to take 38-43% of my hard earned money, to turn around and hand it to those who feel the need NOT to work for it, the world would be a better place! Stop punishing those who are successful and staying off the ‘system’!!!

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