Check Out Larry Winget’s “Unfiltered Truth” Series

Scroll down to get a special code for AFM readers to get $20 off the series.

I received an email late last week from Larry Winget, alerting me to a new video series he is offering called “Unfiltered Truth.” The series is composed of 12 videos on the following topics:

• Turn Your Life Around

• Business

• Selling

• Problem Solving

• Life

• Success

• Goal Setting

• Leadership 1 & 2

• Relationships

• Customer Service

• Money

I posted a snippet of one of his videos in the series last week. In case you missed it, it’s this one:

Larry was kind enough to provide me with a special code (LHW2010) for AFM readers, which will allow you to get $20 off the purchase of the series. To order the series, go to Larry Winget Truth Series and follow the order instructions. There will be a place for you to insert the code.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, AFM does not get a cut. I’m simply doing a favor for a friend.

It’s a good series. I watched the episode on business earlier tonight. Larry gets to the point but also adds some humor. Good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Check Out Larry Winget’s “Unfiltered Truth” Series”

  1. I did watch the video from your post last week and then was intrigued to watch the 3-4 minute clips from the other topics named above. I then sniffed around his website and reviewed the titles of the 5 books that helped change his path. The first I selected to buy is Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I’ve been convinced for several months (gulp, years!) that I should kick my accounting career to the curb, thus I am exploring opportunities for my creative side…So thanks Larry (and JLP!) for the kick in my butt…

  2. Larry is absolutely right — work hard, spend less than you make, and invest savings (not necessarily in the stock market) and you will have more money.

    My primary vehicle is worth less than $1000, have a 1-year old pair of tennis shoes that cost $30 (the previous pair are my mowing shoes now), and don’t wear a watch — am I poor? Nope.

    As Larry said, those things are not my priority. My priorities are paying off the house, funding my children’s higher education, and funding my retirement. Could I go out today and buy a new car in cash? Yes. But if I did, I would seriously jeopardize my true goals.

    Case in point — my primary vehicle got into the habit of leaving me stranded. Always ran great, but after a short trip it would refuse to start until it cooled down (hour or so). Wife was nagging me to junk the beater. I took the time to research the problem (talk with knowledgeable people, read forums, etc), own the correct tools (and manual) to help diagnose the problem. Next time I was stranded I determined a $7 fuel pump relay was the culprit. Tools required to figure the problem out: screwdriver, starting fluid, fuel pressure guage, and a brain.

    A lesser person would’ve junked a perfectly good vehicle that needed a cheap $7 fuse. I’ve read that people are driving the same make/model upwards of 300k miles — I’m not even halfway there yet…

    Stacey) Why not just write the book ‘on-the-side’ first? If O’Reilly and the other pundits can release books without taking time off, surely you could too? I love Stephen King too!

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