Ten For Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I posted this on Friday so many of you probably didn’t see it. Be sure and enter the giveaway for The College Solution. I’ll announce the winner later this week.

Also, PLEASE DONATE to Beth’s charity walk. You don’t have to give a lot but ANY AMOUNT will help. She’s still a long way from her goal.

Now, here is this week’s Ten for Tuesday:

1. Jean Chatzky’s Feel-Good Saving Tips. I do think making choices to save money empowers people by giving them a sense of control.

2. Ever lost your wallet? Here’s how to recover from it.

3. Single Ma talks about her plans now that her daughter’s about to head off for college. It’s hard to believe her daughter’s that old already. Seems like yesterday she was a freshman in high school. My oldest son will be a freshman this year. Now I feel old…

4. Speaking of college…Lynn O’Shaughnessy has 5 reasons why college students are studying less.

5. Continuing with the college theme…Penelope Wang asks: Are you borrowing too much for college? “…what’s often overlooked is the role of the parents and students who are determined to pay lofty prices for brand-name schools, even if it means going deeply and dangerously into debt.”

6. Nickel talks about his lending club experience.

7. 6 reasons to delay retirement.

8. Here are 8 business ideas you can start today. Pet sitting?…

9. Ron has 30 ways to save on a cruise. He left out sneaking in inside someone’s trunk. Do people still travel with trunks?

10. Jeremy has a new FREE e-book: Invest Like a Pro.

5 thoughts on “Ten For Tuesday, July 20, 2010”

  1. Haha! My wife brought a suitcase on our last cruise that was almost the size of a trunk!

    (Thanks for the link and I sent some cash to Beth’s charity walk)

  2. Ron – Thank you for your generosity! JLP and AFM readers have been a GREAT support over the years and I’m so grateful to “know” all of you.

  3. Thanks for the tips Ron – we are going on our first cruise this fall (Royal Caribbean). We did book waay early and arrange our own airfare, bought our own snorkel gear, and are foregoing the soda/coffee cards, spa and shopping. Hubby likes to play poker at the casinos but that’s a set amount coming out of his ‘allowance.’ We are booking shore excursions through the cruise line since it’s our first trip but may feel more comfortable about doing them ourselves on future trips. Several excellent things left for us to remember still!

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