Misleading Napoleon Hill Infomercial

Imagine that…a misleading infomercial!

Last night, immediately following The Willis Report, an infomercial came on promoting Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Sucess.” The guy selling the book claimed that he was the only one selling this book. This is misleading. Why? Because I have a copy of “The Law of Success” and Amazon sells several different versions of the book.

The guy hawking the book claims that he found copies of the Law of Success that were produced in 1925, a full three years before the book was published. I’m not sure what the difference is and I’m not will to fork over $49.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling to find out.

Something I found really curious was the “interviewer” asked the seller of the book, what was in the book. The seller said something like, “Well, I don’t really want to get into that. I don’t want to dilute Napoleon’s message.”

Yeah, right…

The reason I suspect the seller didn’t want to give details is that it would be clear that this book consists of material that is already available in books that sell for WAY LESS than the $60 he is selling his for.

I don’t care for infomercials.

3 thoughts on “Misleading Napoleon Hill Infomercial”

  1. The stupidest infomercials feature Kevin Trudeau.
    He’s simply a criminal. He makes Jon Lovitz’s
    SNL “liar” character look like a paragon of
    honesty. IMHO, any product promoted by infomercial
    is automatically a ripoff.

  2. I already have the 1928 edition in both PDF and popular paperback edition put out by Jeremy Tarcher of Penguine Books

    I am loking at both editions and compare the two carefully together with the 21st Century edition put out by the Highroads Media and sold through the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

    If there are serious differences with the 1925 edition, I’d like to to compare the two and put the differences into the Working Copy I have in ODF format … If someone has a copy of the 1925 edition scanned into an ebook [as it claims to be in certain companies who are selling it as a torrent file] please put that on the Internet without charge. or send me a copy.

    In my own research, I found an ebook scan of a book mentioned by Hill and was shocked that Hill copied the section on Social Heredity almost word for word from the 1914 printed copy scanned by Google of Benjamin Kidd’s The Science of Power mentioned in the after the lesson. It’s in his Lesson on self confidence.
    In addition, with the help of G-d, I am working on an expanded edition complete with both the books Hill mentions as well many others i have found like for instance, Thought Vibrations by Atkinson, Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel, How to Attract Success by F.W. Sears. So if anyone doubts the efforts going into making this a study for advanced Students who don’t want the money for it but want to help make our planet a better place to live contact me at


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