BlackBerry to Introduce the PlayBook Next Week?

It seems everyone is trying to get into the tablet market these days. According to some of the headlines I’m seeing this morning, BlackBerry may introduce their own version of the table computer next week.

I have been a BlackBerry user for nearly two years. I love my BlackBerry Bold 9000 and I’ll probably stick with BlackBerry with my next phone.

That said, I wonder: Is it a good move for BlackBerry to try to get into the tablet market? For one thing, BlackBerry does not have the apps available that Apple has nor does it have iTunes. In other words, what would be the purpose of the BlackPad? I could see BlackBerry focusing on the corporate market by offering the following features:

• Presentation software that’s compatible with Power Point. I read an article in a financial planning magazine about how some planners are using iPads in their business because they are easier to use in client meetings than a laptop.

• USB slot(s). The iPad doesn’t have a USB slot. I’m not sure how important this is but I would think it would be helpful backing up software and information.

• Docking station so that it can run like a computer when at home or at the office.

• Build up an app store. This is killing BlackBerry as far as I’m concerned.

Regardless, I’m still not sure I would be interested in a BlackPad (or any pad for that matter).

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry to Introduce the PlayBook Next Week?”

  1. Doesn’t Dell or HP already have plans to make their own versions of the iPad? If PC manufacturers are doing that, then what incentive is there to buy a similar product from BlackBerry?

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