YTD Performance of the 7Twelve Portfolio

I spent some time over the weekend putting together a real life 7Twelve Portfolio using exchange-traded funds. Here is what I found:

Not too bad for a diversified portfolio. I don’t have a lot of history for this portfolio. I’ll try to go back as far as I can using exchange-traded funds. You can view performance of the strategy by viewing the performance update PDF from the 7Twelve website.


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2 thoughts on “YTD Performance of the 7Twelve Portfolio”

  1. I don’t say this enough, and this particular one is a bit light on analysis, but these are the kinds of posts I really like. Thanks.

    On a very trivial note, you have an extra “w” in the url to the 7twelve website (the last link in your post).

  2. Nazim,

    Thanks. Unfortunately, with one year’s worth of data, there’s not a lot to analyze.

    The link error has been fixed. Thanks for the alert.

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