Political Gridlock is Good for Investing

As a conservative, I was hoping for a GOP takeover of the Senate along with House. It didn’t happen. Oh well. Regardless, if history means anything, having a house of one party and a president of different party is good news for the stock market. Take a look at the following graphic I put together using the information from this piece:

What will the future hold? We shall see…

6 thoughts on “Political Gridlock is Good for Investing”

  1. I predict the new R-house will raise the national debt cap (currently at $14.3 trillion) so that they can pass the bush-tax cut extensions for the top 3% of earners — all funded by Chinese debt.


  2. Boy I am glad the election is over. I agree gridlock is good for the stock market. Whenever these politicians do anything it makes me and a lot of people nervous. Its better they don’t do anything. The numbers prove this. A quote from Lewis Black,”Republicans think up bad ideas and Democrats figure out how to make them worse

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