Thanksgiving Week

It’s Thanksgiving week. The kids are out of school this week. My wife will be off work at least Thursday and Friday. We are staying local this year, which is nice. Last year we drove to Kansas.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house three years ago. It was my dad’s last Thanksgiving before he passed away in March of 2008. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. He hated it when people called it Turkey Day. I don’t care for that term either.

The day after Thanksgiving marks the opening of the Christmas season. Are you ready? My wife did most of her shopping online (through Amazon) last Friday. She’s pretty much ready. I really only have to buy gifts for one person each year (my wife). I’m not ready. I don’t procrastinate but I do have a hard time figuring out what to get her each year. I have some ideas but I’m not at liberty to share…lol.

What about you? Are you ready? If not, will you be doing your shopping online or at the physical store? Are you planning to spend more/less/the same as last year? We’ll probably spend about the same as last year, which will probably be around $2,000 by the time it’s all said and done (gifts, parties, etc.).

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  1. Planning on getting the wife an I-pad. I don’t normally go for Apple stuff, but in this case, Apple is the cheapest alternative (for a tablet instant-on web browser / multitool). We’ll probably spend about the same as last year.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Our gift budget is south of $1,700 but excludes our food/liquor for our annual hosting of Christmas Eve.

    I mainly shop online and also buy gift cards. I’m a minimalist and don’t enjoy adding “stuff” and the newest gadgets to my loved ones’ lives. Since my boys are past the toy stage and Santa has other kids who need his help, I now give my boys cash as part of their presents. I don’t want them to feel they HAVE to buy something by giving them a giftcard. With cash they are free to choose to spend, save, donate or a little of each.

    I tend to buy or local restaurant gift certif/cards for my parents and aunts so they can have a dining out treat. For my MIL I use my Discover rebate to get Borders giftcards so she can select her own favs in addition to her other gifts. My parents also receive a giftcard to our local movie theater. They tend to see 8 or more movies a year, so this is my way of minimizing the hit to their wallet. I also give them cash. That’s what happens when you raise an accountant! 🙂

    BG, we, too have an I-pad in mind, but it bugs me thinking about buying it as we each already have a laptop. But it’s too cool…the carrot has been dangled and I guess I’m taking the damn bait.

    PS Monthly maid service might be a nice treat for M. Skip the massages and crap. You can do that yourself for free 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. I have done some shopping, with quite a bit of it on-line. I’m not sure how much we’ll spend. We just spend whatever it takes to get the job done. We don’t go into debt, but have the means to do this beacuse we’re not big spenders overall.

  4. We’re going to be spending about 1500 this year, which is slightly up from last year. We have done NO shopping thus far but will probably begin at the Black Thursday/Friday sales. No iPad, but possibly some netbooks in our future.

  5. bfdavis1972) I changed my mind on the iPad, and ordered a netbook for my wife from NewEgg — half the cost and twice the horsepower. Will wipe it and install Ubuntu UNR on it.

    The iPad is nice, but the lock-in with Applet is what turned me off. I don’t need some corporation dictating what I can/can’t install on my own computer (though I think you can ‘jailbreak’ the device to do so).

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