Better Think Twice Before You Play the Lottery with Friends or Co-workers

This story was interesting: Florida Lottery Winners Exclude Co-Worker. Eight co-workers routinely played the lottery via a pool over the last nine years or so. Whenever a member was missing, another co-worker would chip in for the missing player and be paid back later. That was the way it worked until this time, when the group won the $16 million jackpot. They are now wanting to exclude one of the members of the group by saying she never contributed to the pool.

Basically, what they are looking at is the difference between a 1/7th share and 1/8th ($1.3 million and $1.1 million before taxes, respectively). Unless I’m missing something—and I may be because all I have to go on is the information from the story—the right thing to do would be to share the jackpot with the woman. Instead the group is going to allow this to be tied up in court and a substantial portion will go to the lawyers. It’s likely the group will end up with less per person than they would have had had they just shared it in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Better Think Twice Before You Play the Lottery with Friends or Co-workers”

  1. Greed is a terrible thing. If the facts are what the paper says (not always so), you are right, they will lose in the long run. It’s a shame to see money break up what seems to be a happy group.

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