S&P 500 “Fun Facts” – 2010 Edition

I finally took the time to update the S&P 500 “Fun Facts” that I orginally posted nearly four years ago. I had received several emails from readers asking for an update. Below are the “Fun Facts” for Annual, 5-Year, 10-Year, and 20-Year rolling periods. Or, if you prefer, you can download a PDF version with all the tables on one page: S&P 500 “Fun Facts” (1926-2010). Also, scroll past the graphics to see links to PDF files of the returns I used to make my calculations.

Finally, a lot of work went into putting this together so PLEASE share it with your friends.

S&P 500 5-Year Rolling Period Returns (1926-2010)

S&P 500 10-Year Rolling Period Returns (1926-2010)

S&P 500 20-Year Rolling Period Returns (1926-2010)

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