8 thoughts on “The Price of Gold During Bush’s and Obama’s Terms”

  1. That’s a chart only interrupted by the financial crisis when gold tanked with everything else. Remove that and it goes straight up. Thank you Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. How would the two administrations match up if you took only the last 2.11 years of the Bush presidency against the 2.11 of Obama? It’s not an “apples to apples” comparison to measure 2 years against 8.

    Gold was pretty tame during the first few years of Bush’s tenure. Even 9-11 didn’t have much of a lasting impact. It didn’t seem to really break (convincingly) to the upside until 2006.

  3. Looking at JLP’s chart, it appears that gold grew at a rate of roughly 25% under Bush (roughly 275 to 1000) until the financial crisis knocked it back. As soon as assets gained their foothold again, it resumed the high 20% return under Obama until now. It’s been a pretty remarkably consistent uptrend.

    Would be interesting to see a chart of the debt laid over it. Bet it’s a pretty direction correlation.

  4. Once countries decided to start printing money I bought gold. Once they decide to stop I’ll sell it.

  5. If you invert the chart, it become a chart of how the value of the dollar has fallen in the last decade. After all, an ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold – only the value of the paper used to buy it has changed.

  6. When Bush took over the Presidency, he had budget surpluses and no war. When Obama took over, he had record deficits, an economy on the verge of collapse, and two wars. I wonder who did the most damage?

  7. John,

    Bush inherited his share of problems too. Remember the NASDAQ peaked in March of 2000, which was a full nine months before he took office. Then, nine months into his presidency 911 happened. Not the best circumstances to start a presidency.

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