OT: My Brother’s Music…

If you have a few minutes, please give this song a listen. My brother, Christopher Pritchard (check out his facebook Fan Page), has been writing music for about ten years (maybe more). He stopped for several years as work and family took a precedence in his life. But, he recently purchased a new keyboard and is working on creating a CD. Anyway, please check this out and if you feel led, please share it with your friends and through social media.

Untitled Piano by Christopher Pritchard

Jazz Sample by Christopher Pritchard

Movie Theme by Christopher Pritchard

You Are Home To Me by Christopher Pritchard

4 thoughts on “OT: My Brother’s Music…”

  1. I’ve enjoyed Chris’ first album so much – we always cheer at the radio when we hear his pieces played on RadioKansas.org. I’ve been really really waiting a long time for him to get his second album out. It’s fun because he has enough going on in the frequencies that I can hear, that I don’t mind so much the “quiet” pauses that have the higher frequencies going on that I can’t hear… Very much in the style of George Winston or other Windham Hill label artists. I probably like the Jazz sample best of the 4 here.

  2. Huh? I send a comment and now it says ‘No Responses to “OT: My Brother’s Music…” ??’ What kind of jive is this?? *snicker*

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