10 thoughts on “Video: The Boot Up Time for My Solid State Drive”

  1. Those drives are very nice. I’m gonna wait another year or so, until the $/GB ratio gets better. Which one did you spring for?

  2. I went with a Sony Vaio F Series, which was customizable. I pretty much upgraded everything. I went with a 256GB solid state drive. The drive alone was $830. I felt silly paying that much but the speed is worth it. I know they’ll eventually come down in price. I might upgrade to a larger drive later. I would like to be able to store my music on my computer. I would need a 500+ GB hard drive in order to be able to do that.

  3. Wow $830, obviously direct from the computer manufacturer. For $500 you could of picked one up from newegg.

  4. ken) yeah, but it’s a pain doing it on the side, especially for people who aren’t that computer savvy — buying it pre-bundled and you at least know everything is done right, and the OS is preloaded.

    JP) 256GB is pretty massive (for SSDD drives!). Music files are one of those things that don’t need to be on a super-fast SSD drive though. Can you remove the CD-rom and plugin a standard platter drive for extra storage?

  5. BG,

    I have a 500 GB external hard drive I have dedicated solely to music storage. That works fine. I just wanted to have it on my computer.

  6. Actually, a lot of what you’re seeing is just how fast Win7 starts up. My computer at work is about the same speed with a “traditional” drive in it.

    That being said, SSDs still do improve boot times and access times.

    For anyone that found this article trying to decide to buy one or not, I’d say go ahead and buy one that is large enough for your OS and your commonly used programs. Use a normal secondary drive for less common files, lesser used programs, and any server files you intend to serve (if any).

  7. Considerably longer than my Macbook Air takes, but still pretty fast.

    BTW – I do prefer Windows machines in many cases…just happen to own a Macbook Air because no laptop is as small and light and still runs for hours without charging.

    I use Go To My PC when I’m on the road to use my PC laptop back at home when I’m traveling.

  8. TMS wrote:

    “Considerably longer than my Macbook Air takes, but still pretty fast.”

    I clocked it at 27.7 seconds from off to ready-to-go, including my password login. I can’t imagine it being “considerably longer” than any other computer. What is your definition of “considerably longer?”

  9. All right, you made me check. 11 seconds. Percentage-wise you’re over 100% more time spent waiting (for what it’s worth). 🙂

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