Update on the Israelsen 7Twelve Portfolio

I have been meaning to post an update on the 7Twelve Portfolio but haven’t done so this year. Here are the latest numbers as of this morning’s prices (you can click on the graphic to view a PDF version):

For those of you not familiar with the 7Twelve Portfolio, I would suggest you start here:

An Introduction to the 7Twelve Portfolio

10 Questions for Craig Israelsen, Author of “7Twelve”

The 7Twelve Portfolio’s Performance for 2010

3 thoughts on “Update on the Israelsen 7Twelve Portfolio”

  1. That portfolio is definitely holding its own. I still question the purpose of the cash-equivalent money market fund. You can earn better than 0% with FDIC-guaranteed CDs or something similar.

  2. Oops. I didn’t update that number. It should have received a whopping $14 in interest for the year, giving it a return of .02%.

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