Why You Should Love $5 Gas (Yeah, Right)

I saw this article on MSN: Why You Should Love $5 Gas.

Some of the author’s (questionable) reasons:

Fewer people will die. Fewer people on the road meand fewer people will die.

Higher prices will lead to lower prices. Theoretically the government will open up the floodgates and more oil will be produced. Hasn’t happened yet (as far as I know).

End of wars because they’ll be too expensive to fight. Interesting…

We’ll starve despots out of existence. Wow. Gas prices are high because oil prices are high. Worldwide demand for oil is high. If the U.S. doesn’t buy oil from despots, they’ll simply sell it to China or India. We aren’t going to starve anyone out of existence.

People who make more money can ride out the surge in gas prices. It’s the people at lower income levels who don’t want to hear how high gas prices are a good thing.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Love $5 Gas (Yeah, Right)”

  1. End of wars, hhmm…more like more wars.

    The conspiratorial people conjecture that the wars in the Middle East, et. al., are for power over the oil and to use as a bargaining chip against China/Russia. Also, that Libya was about the money program its president/dictator was wanted to implement in Africa that would undermine the elites’ fiat currency.

    Don’t know if any that is true, but this is, we should be expecting more war in the future especially as the US declines in power.

  2. Hilarious!!…
    “End of wars because they’ll be too expensive to fight.”

    There too expensive to fight now. It hasn’t stopped us yet.

  3. “Fewer people will die”

    Doubtful. As petrol prices go up, people buy smaller cars. Smaller cars mean more highway deaths.

    If you want to reduce highway deaths, pump more money into cargo rail and get the long-haul trucks off the roads.

  4. …and the church and gambling tour buses! Aren’t they always in the news when there’s a reported crash?

    Those Smart cars are scary-small…I’d rather be alive and have less money than dead w/gas money sitting in my bank account…

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