Question of the Day – Inexpensive Summer Fun for the Family

I’m in a frugal mood today.

What’s your favorite (and inexpensive) idea for family summer fun?

Being that we live about an hour and a half from Galveston, ours would have to be going to Steward Beach in Galveston. It’s a family beach and is fairly inexpensive (unless you rent beach umbrellas and chairs at $30 for the day no matter when you get to the beach). They charge $6.00 per car to get in but you can bring your own ice chests and food, which is nice (no beer, which is bad). Of course, we could make the trips cheaper if we didn’t go out to eat too.

We also like going to the park but we don’t do that as much these days as we used to.

I’m sure the number of “cheap” things you can do as a family depends a lot on where you live. We’re 1.5 hours from Houston, where there is quite a bit to do. The only problem is that it means we have to spend $30 – $40 in gas to drive there and back (I’m estimating), which isn’t nearly as cheap as it used to be.

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  1. Geocaching gives you something else to do while at the park other than playing on the jungle gym’s and picnic.

  2. Beach, Camping, City Exploring, Geocaching, Parks, Bike Rides. There are tons of inexpensive things to do.

  3. Stay indoors out of the heat. No time for cheap activities for us, with the kids involved in sports clubs and other activities (expensive ones at that)

  4. I remember going to the Galveston beaches in ’64,
    when I was about 10. My Dad was doing some consulting for NASA that summer, and for a Michigan
    kid, Galveston was a blast. Just the trip down
    from Clear Lake City was fun, seeing Texas City,
    and all the little seafood shacks, and ‘Stuckeys’…
    Mom and Dad would park the car on the beach, and
    my brother and I would play in the ocean. I don’t
    think there was any fee at the time, which made it
    even MORE frugal.

  5. I wish we had more time for family bikeriding or just heading to our subdivision’s pool! I’ve also been after my husband to do a family camping weekend, but run into 2 problems: 1. no time and 2. he hates to camp. He always reminds me he prefers “Camp Hilton.”

    I also enjoy a picnic by our river…haven’t done that in a couple years,(fun to do w/Grandma when the kids were younger.)

    But my two favs are taking a long walk thru our forest OR just drinking wine on our screened-in porch w/DH or good gal pals…

  6. Lots of free stuff to do in my Pacific NW city–symphonys and movies (mostly kid’s movies)in the various parks, as well as Shakespeare and Star Trek (um, yeah–a theatre group takes one of the old Star Trek episodes and turns it into an outdoor play), also in the parks. Take a blanket, a picnic, some wine, and it’s a great evening’s entertainment. Annual Zoo passes help during the day, and there’s a free lunch for kids under 18 and activities most week-days in the parks (no financial restrictions).

  7. We took our 2 year old to the beach in Newport, OR for kite flying and then hit the aquarium there this weekend.
    I used to do some work for a Helicoptor company there in Galveston. Your beaches there are far superior to the beaches here, and the water far warmer. Not that that kept my son from draging me back in frigid waters all day.

  8. My dad told me a story about how his parents drove him and his brothers to Galveston so that they could see the ocean. That was back in the 1930s, in a Model T or some such automobile. They were living in south central Oklahoma at the time.

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