3 thoughts on “What a Trillion Dollars Looks Like…”

  1. That’s incredible! When I first looked at it, I thought that the graphic considered using $1 bills. But no, that’s a football field stacked high with $100 bills!

    Definately puts it all in perspective!

  2. It makes me wonder how we were able to “lose” 23 billion dollars in cash in Iraq. That is like 230 of those pallets stacked with cash!

  3. Here’s another way to grasp the size of the debt.

    Based on a $14 Trillion debt, 310 Million people, and an average family size of 3.3 people, the Average American family owes about $150,000 in US DEBT.

    Even if the budget were balanced now and forever, it will take us 50 years to pay off that debt.

    How much longer will it take, since it seems only 1/2 of us are paying income taxes?

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