Question of the Day: Netflix

Haven’t done a Question of the Day in a few weeks so I thought I’d ask this:

Did Netflix’s latest price increase cause you to leave the company?

I can’t say that the price increase caused me to leave but I did cancel our membership. Why? Mostly because it seemed like I would scroll through the instant offerings and RARELY find anything I wanted to watch. Maybe I’m just particular. I don’t know. We were on the plan that sent us one DVD at a time. Guess what? The DVD would sit by our TV for weeks (or months) without us ever watching it. So, I canceled the service. Don’t really miss it either.

What about you?

Oh, and if you’re interested, Netflix’s CEO offered up an apology (thanks, Lindsay) for the company’s latest moves.

17 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Netflix”

  1. I really like Netflix streaming service. I didn’t ever use the DVDs but it seems like in our house someone watches at least one TV show or movie at least every 2 days. Seems like for the cost it provides a great deal of value over almost every other form of entertainment.

  2. I was on the two discs at a time with streaming. I rarely watched the streaming and I figured for what little I watched the DVD’s I can rent one when I really want to watch one. So I canceled.

  3. We subscribed with one disc at a time. After a few years we didn’t really have anything in the DVD that anyone wanted to watch so when the price increase came along we dropped the DVD by mnail portion while keeping streaming. The streaming options seem to offer less than they use but my husband likes to watch old movies on his computer while he works after hours. It’s only $8/month, there are no commercials to put up with, and we don’t have cable/satellite. For that price we’ll keep streaming.

  4. We have the 3 at a time subscription. We have been pretty disappointed with the streaming service. It seems they keep offering fewer and fewer titles. However, 3 at a time keeps a couple fresh titles in the hopper at all times and you can get any obscure documentary your heart desires. I have yet to search for a title they couldn’t provide. You can’t get that at Blockbuster or Red Box. I am also lucky enough to have one of their distribution hubs nearby so I get 2 day turn around times.

  5. Never really used Netflix, but we use the built-in AT&T U-Verse instance movie rental probably once a week, and Redbox probably as often too.

    With more and more ISPs starting to cap total downloads, I expect Netflix steaming sales to die a slow death…

  6. Was on two discs plus streaming. Went to streaming only and now have a two disc deal with blockbuster which also includes games!

  7. I quit over a year ago mainly for the same reasons; old movie titles, never getting around to watch the movie, not as interested in the movie as I was when I made the selection, finding out I already seen the movie, etc…I suspect the price increase just offered folks a reason to quit!

  8. We use Netflix a lot in our house. I have 2 DVDs at a time and can typically turn around 7-8 of them a month. We also do streaming, which my kids love, and I love – there is a lot of British programming available on streaming, which I’m grateful for since that’s primarily what I watch on streaming. So for me, the price increase didn’t change my outlook. I’m still getting my money’s worth, in my opinion. Even with the price increase. Especially since half the time I get to my local Redbox only to find it empty of anything I’d be interested in seeing.

  9. No gaming in our home, so no big deal. Never signed up for Netflix, so nothing to cancel! DIRECTV and Redbox get us thru just fine…

    Jaynee, you can reserve a movie online at a Redbox. Just search for what you want online and it’ll tell you the box/location to visit.

  10. I canceled our membership in part due to the price increase, and in part because we didn’t use the service to the degree that I expected. The price increase made me get off my butt and do what I’d been talking about for several months.

  11. Jaynee) also in regards to redox. There is a redox iphone/android app that lets you see what is in your redboxes before making the trip to one

  12. yes, we dropped it due to the price increase. Of course, it did align with the start of the school year, and while I loved the streaming options and the long tail of the DVDs, it simply was too much. I did a case study on Netflix for my MBA and I believe they should package channels (do more streaming) and compete directly with cable TV. I would rather ala carte my programming and get rid of 200+ channels I dont watch.

  13. Jason,

    I agree. We only use a handful of the channels we have a available through cable. Most of the channels aren’t HD channels, so we don’t watch them on the flat screen since the picture is so poor.

  14. We have Netflix streaming on two TVs but no DVD service. It is adequate for the little TV we watch, mostly History Channel documentaries. Our granddaughter watches a lot of kid stuff like Hanna Montana so it works good for her. Since we didn’t get DVDs the price increase was not a factor.

  15. I started with Netflix because I wanted to stream movies. I expected to seldom use the DVD option. However, the streaming selection was so poor that I often could not find what I wanted to watch.

    If they (or someone else) get the content right, then streaming will become a great choice. But as it stands now, it is a great choice for kids who will watch old movies over and over and for adults who are not interested in the latest movies.

    Perhaps their next move is to have a monthly subscription plus premium movies for which you pay an added fee. For example, make the latest releases available for $5 each or something like that.

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