Do You Know What Your 401(k)’s Personal Rate of Return is for 2011?

I just logged on to my wife’s 401(k) account. The balance is roughly $60,000 less than it was at the peak early this year (and this includes several thousand dollars of contributions). OUCH. Fidelity calculates a personal rate of return, which is the return adjusted for the timing of contributions. Our personal rate of return is -12.2%. If the trend continues through the 3rd quarter, it will mark the second year for a negative personal rate of return since 2005 (the first year we started getting personal rate of return information from Fidelity). Here is our allocation (aggressive) and history if you’re interested:

Bottom line: I’m not worried. We’re still in for the long haul.

4 thoughts on “Do You Know What Your 401(k)’s Personal Rate of Return is for 2011?”

  1. I found mine, but the time frames are different.

    Since July 1, 2011 -10.8%
    For the past 1 year -4.1%
    For the past 3 years * 0.6%
    For the past 5 years * -2.8%
    Since April 13, 2005 * -0.1%

    Also, since I’m in Canada my foreign and domestic content is very different:

    Your foreign content in this plan is: 69.9%

    Also the plan for me is to be in it for the long haul. When I have 15 or 20 years left I’ll start moving things safer… but for now I may as well just ride out the storm. My allocation is pretty much 100% stocks.

  2. Fidelity has my PROR pegged at:

    past 12 months (9/30/10 – 9/30/11): 3.2%
    YTD (1/1/10 – 9/30/11): -3.1%
    3rd quarter 2011: -6.6%
    2010 (1/1/10 – 1/1/11): 14.3%

    Stable-Value is by far the best investment in my mix for 2011…

  3. YTD through Sept = -8.82%. I am surprised it is not worse, but I have a large chunk in VWENX, so that probably helped.

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