Setting and Achieving Goals (My Experience)

My link to Brian Tracy’s blog post yesterday hit home because last February, I decided I was going to start running. I was 41 at the time (technically I’m still 41 but will be turning 42 on October 15th) and felt like I was in a major funk. I felt horrible. I had actually been thinking about running for several months but finally made myself buy some shoes and a little iPod to keep me company.

I had tried walking at night in the past but that never seemed to work because something would always come up that would interfere with my walk. So, I decided that morning was my best bet. I decided to go running at 5AM every weekday morning. Running early in the morning was actually a good thing because it meant I would have to go to bed at a decent time as I tend to be a night owl.

My goal has never been to run marathons or anything like that. I mostly want to run just to do something. I eventually set my distance goal at 3.2 miles, which is just a tad further than a 5K. My workout has deviated and evolved over the months. Once I got up to 3.2 miles, I decided I would run 1.6 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and run 3.2 miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a total of 14.4 miles per week.

I remember my first day well. It was February 21st. I remember stretching a bit and then setting off down the street. I ran about 2 blocks and had to stop. The next day I made myself go a little further. I wasn’t pushing myself very hard because I didn’t want to get injured and I was kind of lazy. I kept adding little bits to my run until I could run my entire first route, which was a little under a mile. Then, I expanded my route.

I’m now on week 33 and except for a couple of injuries and a couple of weeks off right before school started, I have been out there every weekday morning either running or walking. I’m still very slow but I have built up to my distance goal of 3.2 miles. Now I’ll start working on my time.

There were LOTS of mornings when I did not want to get up. But, I forced myself. Once I got back from my run, I was glad I went. In addition to not letting myself down, I also didn’t want to let my facebook friends down. I say that because when I started running, I started posting my progress on facebook. I got up every morning and ran because I didn’t want to have to tell my friends that I had skipped. My wife and my facebook friends were huge supporters of my program.

Hopefully my story will be an encouragement for you to do something for yourself. You’ll feel better once you do.

3 thoughts on “Setting and Achieving Goals (My Experience)”

  1. Running is for kids. Just walk it instead. You get the same health benefits. Your joints will thank you in future years.

  2. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Any consistent exercise is beneficial physically and mentally. I’m 7 years older than you but still get up at 4:30 three days per week to play hoops for several hours. Been doing that for years and feel great. Don’t plan to stop until I’m “old” whatever that means.

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