3 thoughts on “Chart of the Day – Mortgage Origination History”

  1. Those big red lines, starting in 2008, are the ‘bank bailouts’…

    Not talking about TARP loans, but banks shifting toxic mortgages onto the US taxpayer.

  2. So the banks are only loaning to people with excellent credit (as would be expected after the 2008 crisis) and the government is loaning to anyone who wants to buy a house. What a shocker!

  3. 2004 is when the Alt-A, Option Arms, and subprime really took. The secondary mortgage for non-Fannie/Freddie loans pretty much disappeared in 2008 and still has not returned.

    What is interesting is the percentages were pretty going back to the beginning of the chart to 1990. So what happened in ’04? The loose underwriting guidelines…

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