Will AT&T Capping Data Plans Affect You?

Just read this morning that AT&T is ending its unlimited data plans. I was on the unlimited plan but never used that much data.

This paragraph illustrates the issue:

Carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have long chafed at having to spend billions of dollars to build and maintain networks only to watch Internet companies like Google Inc. and device makers like Apple Inc. collect most of the profits for using them. The pressure on carriers has grown more acute with the rise in use of smartphones like the iPhone, essentially mini computers that make mobile Internet use easy and put a heavy toll on networks.

I can understand that.

The change won’t affect me and my family. What about you? The article mentioned people switching to Sprint because they still have unlimited data plans. But, I have heard they are MUCH slower than AT&T and Verizon. Besides, it’s just a matter of time before Sprint changes their policy too.

2 thoughts on “Will AT&T Capping Data Plans Affect You?”

  1. Sprint is the only major carrier left with uncapped data plans. However, some of the smaller carriers still have unlimited plans such as Virgin Mobile (uses sprint), Straight Talk (Uses AT&T), and Simply Mobile (Uses T-Mobile).

  2. I have the AT&T 200 MB (that’s right, megabyte) plan — AT&T would not sell (subsidize) me a smartphone with at least this minimum data plan (this data plan is way over priced for what you get) — 2 year contract.

    In the phone’s settings, I keep the data turned off all the time. I only use the phone’s built-in Wifi antennae for all network traffic (free / unlimited / and much much faster).

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