Ten for Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greetings! Here are ten articles I think are worth sharing:

1. This first post is off topic from most of ths stuff we talk about here at AFM, but it’s still intersecting. I can’t say that I agree with the closing paragraphs of the article but it is something we have to discuss. Why John Stewart Mill Matters
2. MoneySavingMom’s grocery savings tips.
3. Ramit has some great advice (with scripts) on how to stop paying credit card fees.
4. Three pillars of charitable giving.
5. Cheap ways to stay fit and healthy.
6. Ask Liz Weston: Don’t buy life insurance if you don’t need life insurance. (Makes sense to me.)
7. RetireBy40 is hosting the 146th edition of the Best of the Money Carnival.
8. Enter Faith and Finance’s Stewardship Bible Giveaway.
9. how to make the most of a liberal arts degree.
10. Finally, my friend, Paul, sold his blog in order to move on and do something different. I wish him the best.

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