AFM Kid Project (I need your help)

After posting my daughter’s “If I Had $100” piece yesterday, I got to thinking that it would be cool to compose a list of money-related questions to ask our kids and then share the responses with each other here on AFM.

So here are ten questions I came up with that I think would be fun to ask a kid:

• What is money?

• Where does money come from?

• Name one thing you would buy if you had $100.

• How much money do you think it takes to be considered “rich”?

• Would you consider our family “rich”?

• What job do you want to do when you grow up?

• How much do you think that job will pay?

• How much do you think a new house costs? A car?

• At what age do you think people retire?

• How much do you think people need to have saved up for retirement?

The last two may require some explanation and it could be that yr child is too young to understand. Regardless, I would still like to see what answers your kids come up with.

Please email your child’s response (along with their age and sex) to me (JLP – at – NOTE: please dont coach your kids. I want To see what the kids think no matter how silly their reponses may be. I’ll compile them into a blog post.