What Percentage of Your Adsense Revenues Did Google Take Back in March?

I have been a Google Adsense user since 2005. EVERY MONTH my earnings (the amount I was actually paid) equaled my estimated earnings. Every month.

Until last October.

Last October I noticed that my earnings were slightly lower than my estimated earnings. Every month since October, my earnings have been less than my estimated earnings. It was never more than a percentage point or so. Not really a big deal.

Until March.

My March payment was 18.3% lower than my estimated earnings! That’s a significant amount! The Adsense website says that the payment may be slightly lower than the estimated earnings. Eighteen percent does not seem “slightly” lower.

So, I’m wondering, fellow bloggers and website administrators…

How were your March numbers?

My other question is…

Where does this money that Google takes back go? Do they keep it? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but think about the number of websites that Adsense provides ads for. If they hold back a percentage or two (or 18.3%), we’re talking significant money. Where is it going? Back to advertisers? To Google’s bottom line?

It wouldn’t bother me so much if they had better customer service. As far as I can tell, there’s nowhere I can turn to get this matter looked at by Google.

4 thoughts on “What Percentage of Your Adsense Revenues Did Google Take Back in March?”

  1. One thing is for sure: they are making money off of you, as that is their business model.

    Seems they have altered the agreement, pray that they don’t alter it further.*

    *Star Wars reference

  2. I just can’t imagine that I had invalid clicks worthy of them shaving off 18.3% of my earnings. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. Google is the Black Box of Black Boxes. I’d suggest that the Star Wars reference above is pretty much on target.

    You don’t even wanna know what’s happened to *my* Google-related revenues since January. 18.3 pct adjustment? Pfffft. 🙂

  4. It’s frankly always amazed me Google has gotten as far as it has since it has Zero customer service. Except I thought for people who shelled out cash and bought ads from them. But from what you say, that doesn’t seem to be true either. I personally am big on dealing with companies that have flesh and blood people to deal with.

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