Chart of the Day – Research in Motion (Downward Motion, That Is)

This chart begins January 1, 2008 and goes through today’s current price…

Compare that to Apple’s chart over the same time period:

What happened to Research in Motion?

I think…

1. They got complacent. They didn’t take Apple’s iPhone seriously.

2. They didn’t think ahead. Every phone they have come up with seemed to be playing catch up to every other phone.

3. The Playbook was a joke.

I still like BlackBerry. I have a Torch. Other than a few glitches, it has been a good phone. I’m resisting the iPhone because EVERYONE HAS ONE and I like to be different (even if it means I have an inferior phone).

5 thoughts on “Chart of the Day – Research in Motion (Downward Motion, That Is)”

  1. …and they sold out to (foreign) governments. Wozniak (Apple founder) had good things to say about that Lumia phone. I prefer android devices myself.

  2. I love my android Samsung…I, too, didn’t want to walk to the beat of Apple with everyone else. But now that we have an IPAD and several IPods, maybe I should have stayed w/the Apple family…Maybe the next time around, in 2 years….

  3. You don’t want an iPhone because you want to be different – now THAT’s irony!

    Apple built itself on being different, now they’ve created a bunch of iSlave’s.

    For the record, I too avoid iProducts to preserve my uniqueness. 🙂

  4. Will Apple be able to keep the long term goals and focus on innovation without Steve Jobs? Or, will it once again succumb to the age of short term thinking and short term profits?

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