Photo of the Day: Hidden Inflation

May 23, 2012

Not sure when they changed the size of the bag (I don’t buy candy very often) but if it went to 11.4 ounces from 12 ounces and the price stayed the same, that’s the same as a 5% price increase. I also think it’s funny that the bag is a lot bigger than it needs to be based on the contents inside. Just another way companies mislead customers.

5 responses to Photo of the Day: Hidden Inflation

  1. OJ is the big one here.

    OJ containers have been shrinking for years.

    My grocery store brand still sells OJ in the 1/2 gallon container, 64 oz, but Tropicana went to 59 oz and left the price the same.

    • Yes. Orange juice is another one. It’s all over the place. Potato chips, ice cream, orange juice, soda…

  2. Ramen noodle packages definitely got smaller!

  3. Jack,

    For real? Which brand? I never noticed.

  4. This is why I shop solely based on price per unit and not sticker price. As long as there is competition (unfortunately not the case for M&Ms), price per unit is the way to go.