3 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday to Milton Friedman”

  1. Hey Milton) We deregulated the banks. Guess what happened? They all would’ve collapsed from their greed if it weren’t for government (angels as you put it) bailing them out.

    Oh, BTW, Einstein wasn’t motivated by greed, he held government jobs, and worked in Universities. Also he was a Socialist.

    Lastly, anyone who mentions Hitler is a troll. Milton is the OT (original troll).

  2. BG, I do not know Friedman very well, but I know him well enough to say he would have adamantly opposed the Wall St. bailouts. He was very much into free markets and completely supported the notion that all entities must be allowed to fail when they make bad decisions. Even in the interview show here, he opposed the Chrysler bailout.

    Sadly, I’ve looked for his comments on Bush’s policies, but he did not publish much in the last 10 years of his life.

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