That Keurig Coffee You Buy is VERY EXPENSIVE!

We bought a Keurig Vue for my wife to replace our Tassimo. When we first got it, I thought that I might use it too. I really liked the Italian Blend.

But, after buying several boxes, I started thinking about how expensive it was to drink coffee that way.

Each Italian Blend box holds 12 Vue Cups (The Italian Blend is a larger Vue cup and therefore only comes in packs of 12. Smaller cups come in 16 packs. Interestingly, K-cups for the K-Cup machines come in packs of 18). Each Vue cup contains .48 ounces of coffee. That means each box holds 5.76 ounces of coffee. Each Vue box costs around $12. Dividing $12 by 5.76 ounces, we get a cost per ounce of about $2.08. That works out to…

Are you ready?

$33.33 PER POUND!

I buy 12 ounce bags of excellent Columbian and French Roast whole bean coffee at H.E.B. for $6.74. Dividing $6.74 by 12, I get a cost per ounce of $.56, which works out to $8.99 for a 1 pound bag. That’s a huge difference.

As of right now, Keurig does not offer a reuseable cup that can be used with regular coffee. Even if they did, I would think it would be a pain to use.

Anyway, this might be something to consider if you are in the market for a new coffee maker.

14 thoughts on “That Keurig Coffee You Buy is VERY EXPENSIVE!”

  1. My wife has the Keurig (not the Vue) and I have used the insert to brew iced tea using regular tea bags. I have also looked on Amazon and there seems to be several outfits selling bits and pieces that allow you to refill and reuse the plastic cups, etc. So if you are pinching pennies, it is possible to use your own coffee or tea, rather than buying the K cups.

    To me, a better comparison is between the cost of a Keurig cup of coffee and the cost of a Starbucks or equivalent cup of coffee-shop coffee. If your alternative to Keurig is to stop by Starbucks on the way to work, Keurig is a bargain. Also, if you are only making one cup (I don’t drink coffee myself) it avoids wasting three or four cups of coffee that you need to brew in your Mr. Coffee machine.

    BTW, my wife bought the large commercial Keurig to take to church. It is really a hit with our small congregation being able to pick what they drink, rather than having store-brand canned coffee from a 12 cup coffee machine.

  2. You can just buy the K-cup refillable. Super easy solution. Then you can use whatever coffee you want.

  3. I used to use the reusable cups, but I could never quite figure out the correct grind to not trigger the machine to tell me to descale.
    We buy my K-cups at Costco and it works out to be about .35 a cup, or roughly 1/3 your cost. That brings it down to $11.11 per pound which puts it right back in the range of normal prices per pound.

    Oh and the k-cups I buy are also biodegradable 🙂

  4. Oh and for me, the alternative was brewing an entire pot of mediorcre coffee, or a single cup (stay at home wife doesn’t drink coffee) of good quality brew.
    Choice was simple.

  5. Funny that people think a Keurig is “affordable”. You can walk into target and by a drip-style coffee maker, a tub of coffee and filters for $30.

    The cheapest Keurig is what? $100 or so, and that is before factoring in the cost of the ridiculously expensive (and patent protected) K-cups. No wonder Keurig has this new cup form factor: the K-cup patent is about to expire.

    Keurig: the most expensive way to make coffee. Yes, I have one, it was a gift. Its like someone gifting you a puppy…

  6. There is now a reusable filter for the Vue and you can get it at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99. It is extra work, and messy when you clean it out, but it’s good to have on hand for your own coffee to save money.

  7. I am cheap and LOVE good coffee. I have saved 3 dozen vue containers and fill them with my own coffee….takes about half an hour. Take a basket filter, put two tablespoons of coffee in it….chase the coffee to the middle whole folding it up, keeping all the raw edges even in your fingers….triple fold and hold the fold while rotating the packet in the used vue cup putting the fold on the bottom. Then either double tape where the hole is going to go, or better yet, but takes longer, put a piece of wide,, clear packing tape over the top and you are ready to roll. You have a disaster from time to time because you may have over filled and the hole tears rather than punctures, getting some grounds in the cup…..darn!, can’ t get that last gulp!

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