Back to School

The kids start back to school today.

This year we will have a Junior, Sophomore, and 3rd grader.

Because of my flexibility, I’m able to walk our 3rd grader to and from school every day. I like it. We have some pretty interesting conversations on those walks. My daughter is full of questions. I’m kind of sad that she only has three more years left in elementary school and then our walks will be over because 1. the middle school is too far away to walk conveniently; and 2) she’ll be “too old” to walk to school with her dad. Such is life.

I’m also a little sad because our oldest only has two years left in high school. Seems like yesterday when he was starting Kindergarten. Time certainly flies. He’ll graduate and then our other son will follow the year after that. Lots of changes coming up in the next few years. Wow. Makes me feel old.

I hope all the kids have a great year.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled blogging.

One thought on “Back to School”

  1. Best of luck to your kids in their academic endeavors! I know in the past you’ve mentioned talking to your children about budgeting – I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on sending your sons off to college prepared to deal with finances, as well as everything else that comes up!

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