GIVEAWAY: John Bogle’s “The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation”

I’m going to try to do at least two giveways a month for the rest of the year as my way of saying thankyou for reading AFM.

Each giveaway will start on Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Friday morning. How’s that sound?

So, this giveway is…

John Bogle’s newest book! I’m a fan of Mr. Bogle, though he has rubbed me the wrong way with some of his politics. But, I’m sure I have rubbed some of you the wrong way with my politics so all is fair.

Anyway, I have not read this book so I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT. That said, if you would like a chance to win either the hard copy or Kindle edition, please leave a comment below. IMPORTANT: In your comment, please tell me what kinds of posts you like to read here on AFM. Do you like me to link to news articles and put them up for discussion? Do you like more in-depth stuff like research? Let me know.

Also, please remember my two giveaway rules:

1. You have to be a resident of North America (I don’t ship internationally)


2. You can only enter one time.

NOTE: If it’s your first time commenting, your comment will be held for moderation. Fear not, ALL comments will be approved.

I’ll announce the randomly-selected winner on Friday morning. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: John Bogle’s “The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation””

  1. I enjoy the discussions that spring up around both the articles and the research. Since the articles tend to generate more discussion than the research posts, I guess that means I lean more towards the linked articles.

  2. I enjoy a broad range of topics. I originally came to the site looking for personal investment topics, but I have enjoyed various topics since finding the site. I enjoy the conversions that come from the posts although I don’t typically offer much to the conversions.

  3. The politics doesn’t really help inform me about the world. The heads up on research is more helpful than the brief link to news articles. Thanks for the giveaways and do put me in the running for Jack Bogle’s new book. (Have you considered notifying the winner by email? It’s way too easy to miss an announcement in a post when skimming a daily feed.)

  4. I enjoy personal finance articles, especially ones that deal with how one spouse (husband) has the financial plan (targets, goals, timelines) laid out while the other (wife) does the majority of the spending which compromises those plans (over budget monthly) and the best way to get the spender to live more within the budget plan (patience?). Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. I love it all, but tend to gloss over most graphs, although I do appreciate the effort that goes into it. Just never has been my thing…

    And I don’t mind the political stuff, tho’ I’m sure I’m in the minority…

    I DO like your top 10 links b/c I don’t have the time to troll for this stuff myself. I also like your links to articles you find on your own for the same reason above.

    I always appreciate what your other readers have to say…they are your greatest asset you know 🙂 Just kidding. You do a great job, JLP!

  6. Most of the financial press is politically corrupt which means that incomplete (and often mis-information) is presented. This site is an exception where one can find accurate and useful information on which one can make decisions and take action. It could be called “the rest of the story”. Smart investing is based on wisdom which in part involves knowing what information ts important. It is here that what one needs to know can be found. Keep up the good work.

  7. I most enjoy the graphs and data you post with your insights. I also enjoy links to articles with discussion.

  8. I enjoy both the research and the news articles. I even ‘enjoy’ if that’s the right word, your conservative take–it gives me something to swear at!

  9. Sign me up for the book give-away please. I enjoy articles with two distinct points of view – leading to spirited discussion in the comments.

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