Are E-Book Prices FINALLY Coming Down?

September 13, 2012

I read that publishers had reached an agreement with retailers and that Amazon is moving quickly to bring down the price of e-books.


5 responses to Are E-Book Prices FINALLY Coming Down?

  1. That’s nice, but $9.99 is still pretty expensive for an e-book. I am currently reading Don Quixote on my Kindle and it cost $0.00. Next up is Last of the Mohicans, also priced at $0.00. An added benefit is reading classic literature, rather than ephemeral entertainment that will be forgotten in 10 years.

  2. Darn, just bought the “Well Trained Mind” for $20. I bit my teeth on that one but figured since we would be using it for the next 25 years it would be OK. Should have waited a few days!

    I with Sam, I normally don’t buy e-books, I just get the old free ones, or buy a hard copy that I can resell or use the library.

  3. Jon,

    Not all prices are coming down, apparently. The Well Trained Mind is still $19.99 for the Kindle edition.

  4. JLP,

    That’s nice to know. So I would have had to pay that price anyways.

    I can see very niche technical books being expensive. But the more mass media and ones that get a lot of exposure I don’t see why they would cost a ton of money. I’ve bought one expensive programming book and one marketing book for programmers that were both near full price (granted the latter was only in e-book form).