Chart of the Day – Brent Crude in 2012

Brent Crude (the oil that’s used in gasoline, as I understand it), is on the rise again. This is why gas prices are moving back up again. It gets tiresome. Gas prices go up, touch a new high, then fall back down a bit to give us a false sense of relief and then start moving right back up again. I almost feel like we’re being played.

One thought on “Chart of the Day – Brent Crude in 2012”

  1. I don’t understand why the price of crude is so high, the recession has demand off, US consumption per capita is down, production of domestic oil and gas is up. Okay, so hurricanes in the Gulf, political unrest in the Middle East and some refineries have had fires, but I understand these are minimal factors. Bernanke can partially be to blame per a few articles out there. Low oil prices are key to a more quick economic recovery.

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