Ten for Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wow. We are blowing through the year. From around September through the end of the year is my favorite time of the year. I wish we could just do this part of the year over and over again.

Two things happen in October each year: 1. AFM’s birthday/anniversary on the 13th (this year will mark EIGHT YEARS). 2. My birthday is on the 15th.

Here is this week’s Ten for Tuesday:

1. The cost of repairing your tablet. Interesting…

2. CNN looks at cost of making the iPhone 5.

3. Young adults are living with their parents in order to save money.

4. 17 investing quotes you may not be familiar with.

5. An update on FMF’s real estate ventures.

6. Urban Outfitters is looking to go all-iPad instead of cash registers. Interesting…

7. DINKs on defining your goals. You have to define it before you can go after it.

8. Larry Winget: Glass half full or half empty? WHO CARES! BTW, today is Larry’s birthday!

9. I possted this Saturday but wanted to mention it again. William Bernstein interview in Money Magazine.


10. YEA! More than less wine could actually be good for you! But don’t overdo it, folks. Moderation.