I Need Your Feedback Regarding Disqus

I installed and exported all 30,000+ AFM comments to Disqus yesterday.

This morning I received the following email from a long time AFM reader and fellow blogger:

Please re-consider on using Disqus or at least looking to tweak it. As a fellow blogger, one of the things I appreciate when leaving a comment on another bloggers site is the ability to put my website link back. When I look through my stats, I get a few hits back from links left on other comment pages. Disqus seems to take that away and I’ll be honest, I have so many PF blogs that I can read, I tend to gravitate away from those who take that away, and I’m sure others might as well.

Just a thought, but something to look into for either a different platform or for tweaking to allow this to happen without having to register or something else.

Good luck.

He makes a good point that I hadn’t even considered. One of the benefits of commenting on websites is the backlink to the comment author’s website or blog. Although a blogger can add their website to the their Disqus profile, it’s not the same thing as regular WordPress comment.

So, what do you guys think? For those of you who don’t have a website, the change may not make a difference to you.

15 thoughts on “I Need Your Feedback Regarding Disqus”

  1. I suppose he has a valid point, although, I like to make comments just to be involved and get to know other like minded bloggers. If I don’t get hit, no biggie. If I do, bonus!

  2. Not sure about Disqus, what I do like when I comment on a blog is the ability to follow comments after mine, which has caused me to do “drive by comments” on your blog since I don’t typically like leaving a tab open just to look at what others have written. Not sure if Disqus allows this or not.

    1. Jon,
      I think you can subscribe to emails for each thread you want to follow. There should be a down arrow above the comments that you can click on and subscribe that way.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “I like to read comments on a post without actually having to comment myself, another thing that has been lacking at AFM.”

      1. Well I see that it is automagically signing me up for comments if I post a comment. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that arrow you are talking about.

        Oh, I found it! I’m not used to the subscribe button being hidden like that.

        1. Dang, Jon! You’re hurting my feelings…hahaha. No big deal. I’ll either get this platform to work or go back to the traditional comment structure, which will itself be an upgrade over the previous AFM platform. It’s a work in progress and I do appreciate your input.

          1. I don’t think it is too bad. I just think it takes time getting used to is all. It is just different from other blogs I’ll comment on. Usually I have to check a checkbox to subscribe to posts. Also, I normally just have to click a button or put my e-mail in a form to subscribe to comments without commenting. I don’t think this different way is bad at all, just have to get used to it. It is actually kind of nice not to have to check a box to subscribe.

  3. Also, sometimes I like to read comments on a post without actually having to comment myself, another thing that has been lacking at AFM.

  4. Many disqus sites do give a link back – I’m not sure if it’s an option or what as I’ve never installed disqus. As a blogger I would say it’s polite to provide that link – not that I won’t read blogs that don’t, but it does make an impression. Namely that controlling and bottling up traffic flow is more important to that blogger than building a community. If that’s not the impression you want to give, then I’d say you should link.

    1. If I click on your name, it opens your Disqus profile, which contains a link to your blog. Is that what you mean? I would prefer a direct link to your blog instead of the extra step.

  5. To be honest, commenting should be about contributing to a conversation, not a link-back strategy or personal gain. I personally enjoy the Disqus system as its clean and easy to read.

    Either way you go, thanks for the great posts and info!

    1. I agree, Mike but links are important. I normally delete comments that seem to only post just enough to get a link. Comments don’t add to the discussion get deleted. Sadly, 50 percent of comments are spam.

      1. For the record, my spam filter gets quite large, but there are few I have to actively mark as spam. (I use Akismet and ZigTrap). I agree with Mike about contributing to the conversation, but hate logging in to comment on blogs (and rarely do so)

  6. Personally, I despise DISQUS. Not only for the reason you mention (backlinks), but also because I hate having yet another account I need to remember the login info for and don’t want my Facebook profile everywhere. I go so far as to drop blogs using disqus from my RSS reader.

    Otherwise, I like the new look. 😉

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