7 thoughts on “This Would Be Funny if It Wasn’t True”

  1. so true! If only other people could recognize that is the EXACT position non-conservative politicians are advocating. Im sick of those idiots trying to explain the nuance of progressive taxation, or the socialized programs that work as a safety net for citizens. Once we can all recognize that it is abhorrent for any single person to advocate for change of any systematic inequality in the US, regardless of means or discriminatory determinations, the sooner we can be on our way to a successful nation, like Somalia.

    1. You are welcome to advocate for change, but not for change by force of government.

      We have free clinics, not-for-profit hospitals, and not-for-profit health insurance. Why don’t you donate to those instead of demanding that other be forced to pay it?

  2. What is even sadder is that such an act is considered moral, as long as such power is used in the name of the greater good, under the color of law.

  3. the funny thing is the candidate in the cartoon could be either Romney or Obama! (This is the essence of any income tax scheme, isn’t it?)

  4. Here is the Republican version: I would like your vote. What do you have offer? The power to take away beneftits you have paid into all your working life and give him lower tax rates and government subsidies for his businesses so it can pay no taxes.

  5. Well, John, why should a business pay any taxes at all? A business is nothing more than a group of people pooling their money together. So why not just tax the money when it gets to those individuals?

    (And I must point out that it is the Democrats who mostly support government subsidies for businesses — just look at GM, “green energy” companies, and farm subsidies.)

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