2 thoughts on “Chart of the Day – Moving for Money”

  1. So only a 1.9% decrease in CA. They do have well over 37 million residents. Its not clear what timeframe that graphic covers though.

    However, any population increase in Texas is bad — we are overpopulated as is (not enough rain-fall). 71% of the state is still in Severe Drought – Exceptional Drought territory.

  2. My wife and I were listening to the radio the other day, a call-in show that was talking about an upswing in in-migration into our state in the last couple of years. The host asked people to call in if they had recently moved from another state and tell about their experience. Of the four or five people that called in, all had recently left California, and all for pretty much the same reasons. You can guess – taxes, schools, taxes, crime, taxes, and general deterioration. Our state is one of the light green ones in the map above.

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