MSN: 12 Things That Will Cost You More in 2013

Oh goody!

MSN lists 12 things that will cost more in 2013. Some of them aren’t a big deal. Food, however, is a big deal. Their list:

• Cars

• Food

• Grain

• Health insurance premiums

• High-end TVs and home theater systems

• Computers

• Copper

• Smartphones

• Daily deals

• College tuition

• IPhone 5 accessories

• Shipping

7 thoughts on “MSN: 12 Things That Will Cost You More in 2013”

  1. What? How can this be? We’ve heard repeatedly that there is no inflation… and Obamacare was going to prevent the rise in health insurance premiums!

    It’s stuff like this that irks me. The media never question assumptions by the Fed, or Obama on healthcare. Now they will report increases in inflation and the failure of Obamacare as though they are natural phenomena.

  2. Food, energy, and transportation are not included in “core” inflation.

    But that’s what most of us spend most of our money on!

  3. Food goes up every year! I remember the first year I really started living on my own, which was 2001. Back then I could make one large trip to walmart once a month that cost $120 and then go back about 2 weeks later to get more milk and veggies. Now I’m spending about $400 a month. It’s ridiculous!

  4. TV prices dropped 17% in 2012, I expect that trend to continue into 2013.

    The MSN article mentions “High-end TVs” which are new (unreleased) Ultra-HDTV sets expected to cost between $20k-$25k. If you are paying that much for a TV, then well, you obviously don’t care about prices much.

  5. This is the absurdity of our politicians. While they bicker over tax rates, they continue to print money to pay for things we can’t afford. This creates inflation, which is a tax that everyone who eats pays for. So both parties play the game, it is all BS and we are all getting robbed.

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