Question of the Day: School Security

One of the local TV Stations posted this question on their facebook page this morning:

Six This Morning Wants To Know : Would You Be Willing To Pay More In Taxes For Additional Security In Public Schools?

The facebook question linked to this article from the Houston Chronicle.

The article doesn’t mention anything about the cost of such a program. To be fair, the proposal doesn’t mention anything about doing this statewide. However, my thoughts went immediately to wondering how much such a program would cost taxpayers.

Let’s see…

There are 8,317 public schools in Texas.

If we put one policeman/guard at each school and paid them $40,000 a year, it would cost…

$333.6 million per year.

Can we afford that? Do we need to afford that?


5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: School Security”

  1. It is all a matter of priorities. There are schools with not enough books and supplies for students. Will one armed guard prevent another school invasion? Maybe if all our kids went to one room schoolhouses.

  2. Seeing as how the Houston area (Harris county) has 24 different school districts, I’m sure there is plenty of overhead/bloat to free up money for armed guards.

  3. Kids should be able to arm themselves. Does the Second Amendment not apply to students? I don’t remember seeing that carveout in the Constitution.

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