Wow! Tony Romo’s Now the Highest Paid NFL Player (After Taxes)

From Tony Romo New Highest Paid NFL Player After Taxes:

Over Easter weekend, franchise quarterback Tony Romo signed a 6-year $108 million contract extension to remain with the Dallas Cowboys. While the estimated $18 million per year makes Romo the fifth highest paid player based on salary, he is actually the new highest paid player after taxes in the NFL.

What does this tell us?

Jerry Jones is crazy.

3 thoughts on “Wow! Tony Romo’s Now the Highest Paid NFL Player (After Taxes)”

  1. “What does this tell us?”

    That there is a LOT more to taxation than just “income” taxes. Does anyone really believe that Tony Romo pays exactly $0 in state and local taxes? (no income taxes, no property taxes, no sales taxes, etc)

    Also, it tells me you are hanging out on right-wing tax loon websites… 🙂

  2. I don’t usually “hang out” there. I saw a link and clicked on it.

    I don’t believe they are leaving off property tax. I’ll have to reread the piece. But, yeah…if he has a multi-million dollar home, he’s paying tens of thousands in property taxes.

  3. His home isn’t that lavish (~$740k), but he is still paying just over $20k a year in property taxes whether he has any income or not (that’s the nature of property taxes). Also, TX has an 8.25% sales taxes rate, though that slightly varies from city to city.

    The article, of course, ignores all this and makes the outrageous claim that Tony Romo’s “State and Local Tax Burden” is $0.

    Also, football players do pay State Income Taxes in the states they have ‘away’ games in. So when the Cowboys go play the Redskins in Maryland, Romo pays MD income taxes for the money he earned that game (even though he lives in TX where there is no state income tax).

    Lastly, Brees may be paying around $1.2 million in state income taxes (according to the article), but he is also surely deducting that on his federal taxes…

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