New York Times “Backyard Paradise”

I walked out Sunday morning to find a copy of the New York Times in my driveway. Those of you who know me, know that I’m probably not a big fan of the NY Times. Regardless, I looked through the paper.

I did find a couple of things interesting. One of them was an article titled Make Your Own Backyard Paradise. They took an average backyard and gave it various makeovers based on different budgets. I’m glad I live in Texas because ALL of these ideas seem expensive to me.

A summary of their plans (you can click on the link above to see some pictures):

Starting Point: Wood-and-wire trellis ($450) + plants and gravel ($1,400) + Steel edging ($1,200) + Concrete planters ($1,500) = $4,550 total

“Middle” Ground: All of the previous ($5,000) + irrigation ($11,000) + tile ($5,600) + paint ($800) + lawn edit ($1,400) + kitchen garden with trellis and raised beds ($8,000) + perennial beds ($8,500) + lighting ($13,000) = $53,300 total


The High End: All of the previous ($50,000) + pool ($80,000) + poolside concrete planters ($2,500) + sound system ($6,500) + geometric fire pit ($1,675) + limestone-block work ($2,600) + fountain ($8,500) + shou-sugi-ban fence ($55,000) = $206,775 total

One thing I found funny is that each tier has a budget. The “Middle” Ground has a budget of $50,000 but comes in at $53,300, which is significantly higher than the budget. The High End has a $200,000 budget and comes in at $206,775 (see why I don’t like the NY Times?).

Now, the pool they recommend is on the high end. Here in Texas, a really nice pool and hot tub will run around $50,000 (but they’re not raised like the one the Times article suggests). Regardless, I think I could have a pool put in and the entire yard (front and back) landscaped for $75,000 (including new concrete). I’m thankful we live in a lower-cost area.

3 thoughts on “New York Times “Backyard Paradise””

  1. “Here in Texas, a really nice pool and hot tub will run around $50,000”

    Even though it is the New York Times, this backyard and designer were in Texas.

    “How much does it cost to have a beautiful yard? We asked Mark Word of Mark Word Design, a landscape and construction company in Austin, Tex., to look at photographs of a home in Dallas”

  2. Just use your home equity line of credit or a home equity loan because god-forbid you shouldn’t have a showplace backyard. You deserve it and your friends and relatives will be impressed.

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