A Quote From My Entrepreneurial Son

June 10, 2013

Parental brag on…

From my second son (he’s 16-years old):

“You know what feels good? Wen a kid from school asks if he can work for you.”

He and his business partner have a lawn mowing and pressure washing business. Their goal is to make $20,000 this summer. Seems pretty lofty but I’m proud of them for trying instead of setting around all summer playing video games. My oldest is working at a grocery store.

I’m very proud of my kids.

…parental brag off.

4 responses to A Quote From My Entrepreneurial Son

  1. Awesome. Good to hear about kids developing a good work ethic.

  2. You have every right to brag!! I wish more kids would work to get something vs just asking mom/dad to buy it. Sitting at home during the summer doing nothing but play on phones and video games. 20K for the summer? WOW big goals!!

  3. Excellent, if you don’t think you can do it you won’t. I can’t wait to hear how they do.

  4. Awesome. A couple of questions… Are there insurance requirements for this type of side business? How about licenses or business fees?