An Example of Why I Loathe Politicians

From today’s WSJ:

Peanut, cotton and rice farmers are big beneficiaries of price guarantees tucked into agriculture legislation under consideration on Capitol Hill. But another big winner may be producers of what is known as sticky rice, the kind used in sushi and other Asian dishes across America—and grown by a congressman who helped push for the provision.

The federal subsidy in the House bill guarantees farmers of Japonica Rice that if market prices drop below 115% of the average price of all types of rice, they will get a government payment to make up the difference. Japonica is the formal name for medium- and short-grain rice strains commonly called sticky rice.

Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? Our politicians only care about themselves. There are no statesmen.

5 thoughts on “An Example of Why I Loathe Politicians”

  1. …Freshman Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a fourth-generation Japonica Rice farmer who sits on the House agriculture committee…

    …The LaMalfa family farm has received almost $4.7 million in farm subsidies since 1995, including nearly $1.2 million in direct payments, according to EWG….

    “He (LaMalfa) said subsidies help ‘breadbasket’ crop growers like his family offset the costs of burdensome government regulations, taxes, trade policies and escalating fuel costs that threaten to put them out of business.”

    Boo-hoo, I’m gonna go out of business if I don’t get my welfare check.

    Both Republicans (like this clown, who BTW, refused to let the media record his Tea-Part ‘town-hall’) and Democrats are suckling at the teat of American taxpayers.

    Farm subsidies should be ended.

  2. People act in their self interest. Nothing new here. That is why a grant of monopoly (the state – or government) is so dangerous.

  3. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” In some ways, the revolutionary French had the right idea.

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