Tropicana Raised Their Prices 8.47%!

The other day I was grocery shopping at H-E-B. I stopped by the orange juice section and noticed something new. Tropicana had changed up their packaging and was now offering a “Family Size.”

Upon on closer inspection, I learned that it was a 118 oz. container, or 10 oz. short of a gallon. So, the GALLON was gone and the replacement was called “Family Size.” Apparently, Tropicana thinks their customers are stupid.

Tropicana's New Family Size

Oh, and guess what…

The price was STILL $6.49.

So, customers now get 10 fewer ounces and pay the same price, which equates to an 8.47% price increase. I guess jacking the price up from $6.49 to $7.04 would be too much for customers. Better to go the sneaky route.

Grocery shopping is so frustrating these days.

UPDATE: A friend of mine pointed me to this article as to the reason why orange juice prices are rising: Incurable Disease Threatens US Citrus Crop.

9 thoughts on “Tropicana Raised Their Prices 8.47%!”

  1. I agree with Stacey, I do the same — however, I’ve noticed that my HEB ‘generic’ frozen OJ is higher than the name-brand alternative. Glad this store chain puts all the pricing information on the labels (example: price per oz) — make comparison shopping much easier without having to pull out the calculator.

  2. Stacey,

    We do recycle. Yeah, I’m conservative and yet I PAY $10 per month to recycle. I’m an enigma.

    We used to do the concentrate thing but it’s a pain. I know it’s an option, though.

  3. I can understand if they had to raise prices, but I wish that they would just raise the price and keep the size the same. All too often, they give you less and charge you more. Sure, you pay the same at the register…until you need more. Then, you’re buying more sooner than before, and if you’re unlucky enough to run out not noticing the smaller package, you might even get to burn a bunch of gas to hit the store to get more.

    I’ve learned that anytime packaging changes, there is likely a change in what you get (and it’s never for the better). The only exception I saw to this in the last year was when Nabisco changed the look of their graham cracker boxes, and left what was inside alone.

  4. But don’t worry…there’s no inflation!


    I hardly drink OJ anymore, and it used to be a staple — went on a diet and have been eating a lot of fresh fruit & veggies instead. But when I did, it sure wasn’t from a concentrate. Yuch! Costco carries fresh-squeezed OJ in gallon jugs. If you’re gonna have to pay top dollar for a healthy drink, might as well buy the best. 😉

  5. #6) Who says there is no inflation? Look at the CPI data that says orange prices have gone up 10.5% between July 2012 and July 2013, with an 8.8% increase in the last reported month (June-July 2013).

  6. I’m of the mind that the people who make the pricing decisions at Tropicana should get an incurable disease. (And I have never been more serious in my life.)

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