Update on What’s Going on in JLP Land

We found out a couple of months ago that we are going to be moving. With a senior in high school and another right behind him, the timing is horrible. My wife didn’t feel like she could turn this job down. We managed to stay in the same house for 14 years.

Our house wasn’t ready to go on the market, so I’ve been spending a lot of time getting it ready to sell. Combine remodeling with taking care of kids and all the other household stuff, and it leaves little time for AFM.

Anyway, AFM’s not going away. I’m just too busy to even think about blogging. I have come across great material recently but haven’t had the time to post about it. I do have one post in the works that will blow your mind (at least I think it will).

Take care and please remember my family and me in your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Update on What’s Going on in JLP Land”

  1. Best of luck with the move and your wife’s new job.

    As someone who moved out of state in the middle of my junior year in high school, I wasn’t a big fan at the time, but it really worked out for the best in every way possible.

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