5 thoughts on “Take This Spelling Test…”

  1. 59%. Thank goodness for automated spelling checks! There are a bunch of other misspelled words out there that I always see on blogs, like lose vs loose, chose vs choose, etc.

    I knew going in that I’m a poor speller so it isn’t a surprise. Hopefully my kids will better when they’re my age!

    I have been transcribing my great grandmother’s “love letters” and I am always surprised how her and her husband can spell so well, very few misspelled words (of course, back then tomorrow was spelled tomarrow so I guess that doesn’t count).

  2. 63% but some of my errors were due to my eyes starting to cross by the end… a couple of ones I got wrong I looked at and thought I had chosen the correct answer even though it said otherwise (ie I choose c and the correct answer was d, and looking at the question, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t choose d)

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